October 6, 2017

So many of you won’t know that up until the end of the July I had long blonde hair down to my waist, bit of a contrast to my current style ey! I decided to go for the chop for two reasons. Firstly I quite fancied getting it all cut off and going for a new style- I tend to go in a cycle of growing it really long then cutting it all off and starting again (it grows pretty quickly), but my main reason and what made me go through with getting it cut that short, is that I decided to donate it to the amazing Little Princess Trust charity. The charity make wigs out of donated hair for little girls with cancer which is an amazing cause, so after I decided that’s what I was going to do, it was easy to go through with it! In total I donated around 9 inches of hair. See before and after photo’s

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That was back in July. A couple of week’s after I’d got it all cut off, I was already debating going shorter and my hairdresser Tilly convinced me I should go for it! But I’ll come to that in a second…

Now I just want to speak about the Hairdressers I go to, The Loft Hair and Beauty in Lutterworth. If you live around the Leicester, Rugby area you need to check it out! It is by far the best salon I have been to before. From the really friendly staff to the insanely pretty decor, it’s an all round amazing hair and beauty experience. As well as hair services, they offer a full range of beauty treatments and have separate beauty rooms for massages, pedicures etc you name it!


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They also have loads of really pretty motivational quotes hung up around the salon which I loved!

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They can be found on-

Online- https://www.thelofthairandbeauty.co.uk 

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/thelofthairandbeautylutterworth/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/thelofthairandbeauty/ 

Now, back to hair! I decided that instead of shoulder length hair I wanted it a bit shorter, that way it could be all one length and a really blunt cut. For many of us, getting our hair cut or coloured can fill us with dread- we’ve all had a bad hair experience, trust me I have! But my hairdresser Tilly is an absolute hair fairy, she gives the best hair advice and I know I’m in safe hands with her so I kind of just do what she suggests! You can find her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tillyoctaviahair/ As well as a cut I went for half a head of highlights, then with a toner just to brighten up the blonde and give it that slightly ashy tone. See the results below


22311963_10215003361626871_1392193025_o I sometimes do miss my long hair but not that often! I love having short hair and knowing that I did something positive for a little girl out there made cutting it all off back in July super easy! If you’ve got long hair and want to do something positive for charity or just fancy cutting it all off anyways, be sure to look them up at http://www.littleprincesses.org.uk.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my hair review/update and if you have any questions or feedback be sure to share below!





  1. I’ve been debating about having my hair chopped off for awhile now and this post has tempted me even more! My little sister had hers cut for the Little Princess Charity and I think it’s such an amazing idea. Also, it really suits you!

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