November 7, 2017

Now this is a bit more of a personal post that I’ve been wanting to write for a while, but haven’t quite got round to or known how to start. I basically want to explain a bit more to everyone why I started blogging for any friends, family, people I went to school with, work colleagues etc etc (you get the picture) and for anyone else who blogs that might find this relatable.


A few months ago, I was one of those people that would never use hashtags on Instagram. I would tend to put a very short caption, if I even put one at all! I didn’t tend to comment on other peoples pictures very much, especially people I didn’t personally know. I didn’t used to tweet very much and would often just retweet a lot of funny memes and I certainly wouldn’t ever partake in a ‘follow train’. I thought it was all pretty cringey and I guess thought that I was above that somehow (I’m nice really I swear). I thought it wasn’t very ‘cool’ to use hashtags, engage with other peoples content, support people on social media so they would support me in exchange. You get the picture.  Saying this all out loud now sounds very silly, but bare with me…


Fast forward to September and I’d decided to start a blog. I’d always wanted to create a Fashion blog. I love fashion and I’d followed bloggers on Instagram and gradually saw them get more and more successful. I always wanted to join in and start my own but I guess I never had the get up and go or the confidence to start one. It was on my New Years resolutions to start one at least 2 years running but I always wondered what people would think if I did start one. I guess like a lot of people- I care too much what other people think.

Anyways this summer I finally decided to go for it. I’d been looking into ideas for my final year dissertation and knew I wanted to do something around blogging as a career. So I decided to set up my own blog for research. It gave me the push I needed to finally set one up and I just decided to go for it! I’ve now actually decided to focus my dissertation on how to have a ‘sustainable’ career in blogging and I’m going to use my blog as an experiment. Now the more I get into it, I’m really enjoying it and want it to do well. Also the fact I’ve got an amazing Boyfriend, whose really supportive with it all, helps a lot! (Even if he does sigh when I ask him to be my personal photographer)


But as we all know, the blogging market is pretty saturated. That isn’t to mean that it isn’t possible to start up and have a successful blog, because it totally is! It just seems quite difficult at the moment. Everyones heard of the Instagram Algorithm issue, making it so posts aren’t being viewed by as many people etc, making it harder to grow on this platform. So it means everything is driven by self promotion. Given the fact I would’ve used to deem this as cringey, I’ve felt pretty self conscious promoting my blog so much on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page. I’ve even found myself apologising to friends when I’ve met up with them ‘Ahh yeah sorry about all the blog tweets and posts, bit cringey isn’t it’ or using the fact it’s related to my dissertation to justify it. I’ve also heard of people saying the whole ‘oh, Robyn’s blogging a lot isn’t she?’ and it’s made me feel a bit awkward. But I’m going to stop with the apologising now.

I think its great that I’ve had the get up and go to actually start a blog. I haven’t had a ‘hobby’ since I broke my back doing gymnastics, so its great to actually be interested in something again! And I mean its hard work- you’ve got to plan posts, write them, take photo’s, edit them, edit the post, promote it etc. and so I have a lot of respect for all of you bloggers out there. I think it’s great that I now have the confidence to have high goals and aim for them. Finally, I think it’s great that i’m now part of a community of bloggers who actively support each other and want other people to succeed. The whole feminism movement is so big right now and I’m all for supporting other women (and men). I don’t think we should ever bring people down, and we should definitely support other people’s goals, the bigger the better!


So,  I have a long way to go but I’m getting there. I comment on other peoples posts. I use hashtags. I promote my blog on my social media platforms. I support other bloggers. And I think its great.

I’m really excited to see where this blog takes me and possibly turn a passion into a potential career, I mean anything is possible right?


I’d love to hear what you thought of this post and if any of it is relatable to you!

Also on a side note: how amazing is this primark jumper for only £12! An amazing alternative to the slightly pricier Zara versions.

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18 responses to “NOTE TO SELF: DON’T APOLOGISE”

  1. Girl. WOW. F*cking amazing post. Excuse the language but there’s no other way I can express my enthusiasm. I couldn’t relate ANY MORE to this, even if I tried REALLY hard. GOOD ON YOU. I am proud! You have turned such an incredible corner and I am SO happy for you. What a post babe. ❤️

  2. unidzalika says:

    I just read this post and I feel the same way like you! so nice to read your thought and i think i have to stop apologize too lol

    • robyn says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! you definitely need to stop apologising! We have nothing to apologise for right!? wishing you all the best with your blog hun xx

  3. I love this post. I only started my blog back in August and have had so many of the same feelings

    • robyn says:

      so happy you liked it!! It’s hard to change your frame of mind on it, isn’t it? I’m getting there though! nice to know others have felt similar to me xx

  4. Sarah says:

    This jumper is amazing, never would have thought it was Primark 😍😍

  5. Rosa says:

    I was the same way with not commenting on stuff before I became a blogger. I think it helps you to engage with others.

  6. I love this post! I still cringe at myself for posting a lot of tweets about my blog but it’s part of blogging. It’s so nice to see someone else feel the same way! Haha amazing post x

    • robyn says:

      Thankyou for the lovely comments! and I’m so glad you find it relatable, I was worried people wouldn’t respond that well to this post so its amazing to hear others feel the same! xx

  7. Katie Henry says:

    This is so relatable to me! This summer I decided to start a blog, in September I published my first post and right up till now I’m loving it! I’m not really bothered with how many read it because I just do it for fun at the moment, but seriously yours is so cool and professional and you should definitely go for it. Whatever happens it’ll be fabulous and people will love it x

    • robyn says:

      This is literally the loveliest comment ever thank you so so much! I’m so happy that people are finding it relatable and it’s not just me who has felt like this! you’re blog is amazing hun keep it up! xx

  8. imogenroseblogs says:

    Such a relatable post Robyn! When I first started blogging I was a bit like that. I would never promote my blog on my personal Facebook only on my page but then one day I was like. Why not? Why shouldn’t we post about things we’re getting up too. We spend so long taking photos, editing photos writing and rewriting blog posts why not show them off. It’s a shame you felt like you had to apologise to friends. Most friends will be super supportive of your blog but if any aren’t they’re probably just the way they are because they wish they pushed themselves out of their comfort zone too. Great read xx Imogen

    • robyn says:

      Thankyou so much for the lovely comment Hun! Exactly, we work hard on it so why not share it ey! So interesting to see this post is relateable to others as well, Thankyou for the support xxx

  9. This is so relatable, it can feel daunting to promote on certain platforms, however, when you’ve worked hard to create content you want the world to know about it. Don’t feel shy or the need to apologise, keep doing you dear, you’re killing it. I love reading your posts!

    Tx. // MusicGeekOnline

    • robyn says:

      Thankyou so much for your kind comments lovely! I’m getting a lot more confident and more comfortable with promoting my posts now, you’re right we’ve worked hard on it right?! Might as well shout about it! Xx

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