November 10, 2017

This Autumn/Winter I believe there are 3 staple coats to see you through and keep you snug: the teddy bear jacket, the puffer jacket and the aviator jacket. If you’ve seen my recent posts ‘The teddy bear jacket’ and ‘Return of the puffer jacket’ then you’ll know I’m sorted on the first two, but what I’ve been lacking is an aviator jacket. I’ve seen a lot of different styles about in the likes of Topshop and Urban Outfitter’s but hadn’t got round to buying one yet.

But recently I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Cari’s closet to style a product from their new A/W range. I was so torn as the company sells so many gorgeous dresses which would’ve been perfect for a couple of weddings I’ve got coming up this month, but after looking through their styles I opted for a beautiful black aviator jacket. As it was a jacket style I’d been looking to purchase anyways, I knew I’d get a lot of wear out of it! You can purchase it off their website here. 


Now, unlike some of the other jackets I’ve seen around which are similar to this, the Cari’s closet black aviator is a bit less oversized. It’s more like an alternative to a leather or denim jacket, making it actually more versatile to wear- daytime or nighttime this jacket will go with pretty much any outfit for any occasion! It is also so warm. I don’t know about you, but when I was in my teens my mum and dad would always be on at me about wearing enough clothes to keep warm (I think I just didn’t feel the cold as much then to be honest) but I was intent in wanting a winter coat that wasn’t actually that warm at all. My point being is, fast forward to being 22 and I actually care a lot about being warm and snuggly and this jacket is the definition of this. It’s faux fur lined throughout which makes it nice and snug.



I chose to style this jacket with another knitwear item I’d bought from Primark, at the bargain price of £6! I just can’t justify buying my basic knits for three times the price from other retailers and Primark is killing it at the moment so they’re my go to for this kind of product.

Again from Primark is this really cute velvet cross body which I think was only £7! It’s the perfect size for either carrying your essentials in the day or for drinks in the evening. As with most of this outfit I opted to go for it in black, because you know you can’t go wrong with black.


I also opted to style this outfit with my trusty leather skirt from River Island, which is still on their website here. Also it’s a sad sad time but I think it’s now time to say bye to bare legs. I see a lot of other bloggers still braving the cold in dresses and skirts with bare legs but I’m not totally about freezing myself so it’s tights for me! (unless I’m going out then I will brave the cold). I also got out my chunky black suede boots that I got from office a couple of years ago. I love all the socks boots around at the moment but sometimes it’s nice to wear a chunky, more comfortable heel that will carry me through the day!

Finally I just want to say a note about appreciating your surroundings. If you’ve seen any of my other outfit posts you may recognise that some are in similar locations. That’s because there’s an area of Leicester where I really love all of the buildings and it kind of has that ‘London look’ to it, so I often chose to take my outfit post pictures around there. But this week i wasn’t able to shoot in that location so actually opted to take these photos in my own street and they’ve actually turned out pretty well! I guess the point being is that sometimes what you’re looking for is actually right on your doorstep and we just need to open our eyes up to our surroundings! (bit cheesy I know)


So anyways that’s it, I hope you’ve enjoyed this outfit post!

Until next time



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*Disclaimer- I was gifted with this coat from Cari’s Closet but was not paid to write this post. All views and opinions are my own





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  1. Oh my gosh that coat is perfect!! It really suits you and the outfit is simply stunning! <3 I have been looking for one and will have to add this to my Christmas list 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    I adore your style 😍

  3. Rosa says:

    I love that jacket so much. You look gorgeous.

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