December 6, 2017

There’s been a lot of controversy in the last couple of weeks surrounding influencers and bloggers promoting ‘real fur’ products. Now, this is a really sensitive subject and as a disclaimer this post isn’t at all ‘preachy’ but I thought it would be interesting to address the issue and also offer up and explore my own opinions on the matter. I really hope you find this post interesting and I would really love for this post to create a topic of discussion amongst people, the more opinions the better!

In order to do a bit of research I uploaded an Instagram poll asking people to chose between the options ‘Faux all the way’ or ‘Real is better’. It was interesting to see that out of 122 votes, 113 people voted for ‘Faux all the way’ and 9 people voted for ‘Fur is better’. I also shared a sneak peak of one of the photo’s in this post featuring my new faux fur coat, again asking people on their opinions on the debate. I think the most interesting points that came up were that a lot of people were pro faux fur, but some felt that they were being slightly hypocritical as they were still meat eaters and another said they would never pay money for a fur coat but had items which were thrifted or vintage that were real fur. I thought this latter point was really interesting as personally I would feel that buying a new real fur coat for instance would be endorsing and supporting the company to continue making money and thriving in their business (and I wouldn’t want to be party to that) but morally does the same view stand for fur items which are vintage and have already been around for years? Food for thought!


Anyways, this got me thinking about my own personal views. Personally, I would never get a real fur jacket, coat, bag, pom pom hat etc. However I also feel like disclosing that I’m not a vegan or vegetarian or an animal activist- I eat meat and have leather shoes and bags. So I guess some people would call me hypocritical, but again I want to re-iterate I’m not being preachy or judging anyones opinions, we’re all free to have one after all!

So you might be thinking, well why would I only ever purchase faux fur? And the answer is because for me, I have no desire or need to. There are so many amazing faux fur alternatives at the moment that it wouldn’t personally ever cross my mind to purchase a real fur jacket. The faux fur options I’ve seen about at the moment are fashionable, on trend, warm, cosy and affordable. The idea of buying real fur also makes me feel uncomfortable and isn’t something I would like to associate myself with. This might be confusing to some people, having just explained that I’m not vegan etc, but on this topic this is how I personally feel. I also don’t necessarily agree with bloggers and influencers with a large following promoting real fur, as again there just isn’t any need to when there are so many better alternatives and gives off the wrong impression to any impressionable followers!

That pretty much sums up my view on the debate, for now. I think everyone has a right to an opinion and opinions and views change over time. I am always open to learning more and developing my views so if there are any resources on this subject you feel like I would find interesting I’m all for it!


Now, to a more light hearted topic- the clothes in this outfit!

As we’re on the topic of faux fur, I purchased this amazing wild cat coat from LOTD. If you’ve previously read my post ‘Return of the puffer jacket’ then you’ll know that I’m loving the this online brand at the moment. They have so many stylish and affordable pieces which are great for my student budget! I opted for a size 10 in this style as the 8 was a bit too tight and fitted for my liking and I wanted a coat that was a bit oversized and I could fit jumpers underneath! I love love love this coat, the only downside is that the material sheds quite a bit! Having said that, the pro’s 100% outweigh the cons. You can shop this style here and if this doesn’t take your fancy they have a large range of other faux fur coats for you to choose from, see here. 



Next up is another purchase from LOTD, these really cute raw edged blue denim jeans. I wanted another pair of denim jeans which weren’t ultra skinny but weren’t mom jeans and this pair is perfect! I think my favourite part is the hooped featured attached to the exposed zip. You can shop these here. It’s also worth being signed up to their email list as they send out lots of promo codes. I think for these items I got either 30 or 40% off which makes their clothes even more affordable!


I also finally decided to get these Reebok Club C 85 trainers. When it comes to footwear I really like to take my time in deciding which style to purchase. As you might’ve gathered already, I’m more of a trainer type of girl and so tend to wear my trainers ALOT. Recently I was looking at them and noticed I tend to go for a black/white combo: black/white vans, black/white converse, black/white nike’s, so it was definitely time I got myself a white pair. I’ve loved these reeboks for over a year and finally just decided to treat myself, why not ey!? Plus I know they’ll go with a lot of outfits, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing them in quite a few posts to come!

Finally the last purchase I want to talk about is this Zara bucket bag which is also a newbie! When I saw the price I just couldn’t resist as I thought it was a bargain for £19.99 and felt like really good quality. I think it goes perfectly with this outfit as it adds a pop of colour which ties the outfit together! It’s also a really nice size, not too big and not too small so perfect for multiple occasions. You can find it on the Zara website, here. 


…And that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you have any views on the topics discussed I would love to hear your opinions.


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12 responses to “THE FUR VS FAUX FUR DEBATE”

  1. Katie Henry says:

    This is really interesting as I would never buy real fur but I also eat meat. It’s conflicting as I always encourage people to do what they want but real don’t support real fur. I don’t want to sound hypercritical but thinking about it some might think that I am.

    • robyn says:

      Glad you found the post interesting! It’s such a sensitive topic I didn’t know whether to breach it but thought it would be a good talking point! I think we’re pretty much on the same page in terms of the whole no fur but eating meat etc. I just personally wouldn’t want to promote real fur! xx

  2. This is so interesting! I could never by fur for myself, I just can’t bring myself to. Plus as you said, there’s so many amazing Faux fur alternatives on the high street so what’s the point? That being said, I love your faux fur coat, and the red bag! x

    • robyn says:

      Such an interesting topic isn’t it! I know I’m exactly the same as you on that! Thankyou so much, it’s so snuggly and cosy and I’m in love with the bag! xx

  3. Avry says:

    Loved this post!

    I think everyone has personal wants/needs. Loved that you shared your thoughts. Thanks for including me in the post! 😉 I will def be checkibgvout the online store that you mentioned too!

    • robyn says:

      Thanks girl! so happy you enjoyed the post and I definitely needed to include your point in there, was a really interesting perspective! and yes you definitely should it’s so good, like an alternative to Missguided or PLT x

  4. Britney says:

    You’ve summed up my feelings about this. I eat meat but will only purchase faux fur as well. It’s more affordable and just all around the better option. Why buy real fur when faux fur looks just as nice, in my opinion. There are some super cute things and I have a couple myself that I showcased on my blog. When it comes to eating meat, I feel that is different. I haven’t found any alternatives that taste as good as the real thing.

    • robyn says:

      Really glad you could relate to it! and I totally agree with you on your view towards faux fur! I sometimes think I’d like to try being veggie but we’ll see, maybe one day in the future! x

  5. Love your style,Instagram and Site…..

  6. I would never buy fur but I’m a meat eater too. For me, I guess I see buying real fur as completely un-needed, whereas food is more complicated because I’ve struggled with food and could never physically maintain a vegan or vegitarian diet.

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