GOOD BYE 2017, HELLO 2018!

December 31, 2017

It’s nearing the end of 2017 now, like seriously where did the year go?! For me personally, I guess I’ve had a pretty decent year! With this in mind, I wanted to take the chance to do a round up of my 2017 so you all can get to know me a bit better! I also want to outline my goals for 2018, which will be nice to have documented so I can look back on them throughout the year and to reflect at the end of next year. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually one for the whole ‘New Year New Me’ mentality but I do think that New Years is naturally a good point to reflect, review and plan for the next year. So here it goes…


Highlights of 2017

Placement Year at George @ Asda

As I think I’ve briefly mentioned before, during 2017 I was on my 1 year placement at the supermarket retailer George at Asda as an Assistant Buyer. The experience I gained was invaluable and I was lucky enough to be part of such an amazing team. I was treated as an integral part of the team and my job role involved a range of responsibilities which I was really happy that I got the chance to cover whilst I was there. I also got the chance to take part in the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge to raise money for charity, which when you’re walking it with someone who does marathons for fun, and someone who goes to Crossfit regularly, was a bit of a challenge to say the least! I also attempted to play netball (just to clarify I don’t play netball) for the George team at the corporate games event held in Nottingham, which was such a good weekend! Then finally, I was offered a contract for when I graduate so I’ve not had to worry about finding a grad job which has literally been the best thing this year! To anyone who has the opportunity to do a placement year as part of your uni course, seriously, go for it.


Whilst on my placement year I was lucky enough to meet 4 girls who are genuinely amazing. They are the funniest, nicest and caring people ever and have been there for me so much this year. I genuinely don’t think I would’ve got through the year without them, they’re total babes (you know who you are). I can’t wait for more city breaks, nights out and cheese and wine nights with you guys! I’ve also been lucky enough to build on other amazing friendships and meet lots of new lovely people.


Me and my immediate family (me, my sister, my mum and dad) have always been pretty close but I feel like 2017 has been a pretty good one for us! Moving back home last feb has brought us closer and although I might annoy them sometimes, it’s really nice to be back home. My sis also moved back up to Manchester this year and I can’t wait to go and visit more times in the New Year (I only managed once this year, which is poor effort, sorry Rosanna!)

My Boyfriend 

This is a pretty big one for me. Like the majority of us girls, I’ve been pretty unlucky and made some questionable choices when it’s come to boyfriends before. But this year everything has fell into place. You know the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘If it’s meant to be, you’ll find your way back to each other’, well I totally agree with this. Me and my boyfriend Jake were first together when we were 14 and 16 and were together for 2 years. But we were pretty young and I guess things weren’t meant to be at that point and we ended up splitting up. But without boring you with the details, fast forward 5 years and we finally got our shit together and got back together. And it has honestly been the best decision ever. Without being super soppy, he is one of the best things to happen to me and brings out the best in me. He’s my best friend. (sorry to embarrass you if you’re reading this, even though I should hope you are reading this!)


On a less serious and soppy note, another highlight of my year has been the countries I’ve got to travel to. I went back to two of my favourite places (Amsterdam and Ibiza) and I got to visit Copenhagen, which despite the rain was such an amazing place! Of course, I would’ve loved to have visited more places but I’m always grateful for the holidays I do have.  I actually wrote a couple of posts on my trips to Copenhagen and Ibiza if you fancy a read ‘The Quiet Side To Ibiza’ and My Guide To Copenhagen’


Another highlight of 2017, and something I think I might struggle to top in 2018, is all of the amazing bands I’ve got to see this year! Many of you might not know, but ever since the age of 13/14 I’ve loved music, especially Indie rock and alternative bands. This year I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the following bands live: The XX, You Me At Six, The Japanese House, The Maccabees (Their last ever gig), Slaves, Stereophonic’s, The Amazons and London Grammar. I definitely need to get some more gigs lined up for 2018!

Starting this blog

Starting this blog back in September has been such an amazing learning curve. I finally had the confidence to set one up after having wanting to for years and it feels so good to have took the leap! I’m getting a chance to explore my style, brush up on my tech skills (which aren’t the best), work with some great brands and meet some amazing new people. I can’t wait to see where this might take me in 2018.


Jumper- Urban Outfitters

Trousers- Urban Outfitters 

Checkerboard platform Vans- Vans

Sunglasses- Hashtag Sunglasses

Goals for 2018

Finish Uni and get my degree

So for those of you who don’t already know, I’m currently in my 3rd and final year of studying Fashion Buying/Marketing at De Montfort University. Before I started at DMU I briefly went to the University of Sheffield to study Psychology and quit after the first term because I hated the course so much. It was 100% one of the best decisions I’ve ever made but it did set me back a year. This, teamed with the fact I did a placement year (which was also one of the best decisions I ever made) means that I’ll end up graduating 2 years later than initially planned. This is totally fine of course, it’s just made the whole uni situation drag on way too long for my liking and I’m tired of it. I’m running out of energy with it, but I know I’m practically on the finish line and I just need to stick with it! I’m also currently on track to get a 1st (If I get my life together) so one of my main goals for 2018 is to find the energy to smash my degree and finally graduate in the summer!

Continue blogging

I am so excited to see where this blog takes me in 2018 and I have so much I want to do with it and content I want to create! In 2018 I seriously want to up my blogging game: write more posts, work with some amazing photographers, meet new bloggers, you name it! I’d love to hear what type of posts you want to see from me and any other suggestions for making my site better!

Travel as much as I can 

I want to see more of the world. This is definitely a goal I want to set myself for 2018 as this will be my last summer before starting work full time where I can potentially go travelling. I don’t have any plans yet for this but we’ll see what happens! I’m also going to NYC in February which I am literally SO excited for, get ready for all the photo spam!

Put energy into the people who deserve my time

Another downside (or upside I guess you could say) of 2017 is the loss of friendships. There’s only so much time and energy you can put into people until you just have to tell yourself to stop. Friends are a funny one, because if we had a boyfriend or girlfriend who 1. Didn’t text us back 2. Didn’t support you 3. Didn’t put in the effort, you’d be told to ditch them! So I don’t see why it should be different for friends? I get that as we get older we’re increasingly all super busy, so it increasingly gets harder to arrange to meet up and that’s absolutely fine! But in 2018, I’m going to continue to only put energy into those who deserve it and equally make the effort!

Appreciated everyone and everything more 

It’s so easy to always be caught up on the next goal, whatever that may be. I saw Scarlett London do a post similar recently and I totally agree with her. Go check out her blog if you have a spare spec, she’s amazing But I feel like in 2018 I just want to appreciate everything more- friends, family, my boyfriend, my cat (she’s the best) , travel opportunities, my blog, graduating. I want to make sure I stop and appreciate all of these memories that will be created in 2018 before they fly by and suddenly its 2019!


And that’s it…until the next time lovely people! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this pretty personal post! Let me know what you’re 2018 goals are and what your best bits of 2017 have been!




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  1. Katie Henry says:

    Sounds like an amazing year. Hope 2018 is just as brilliant. Happy new year!!!

  2. Madiha says:

    ‘Appreciate everyone and everything more’ THIS!! Such an underrated goal!
    Good luck with 2018, I hope you reach all your goals and more xx

  3. Robyn says:

    Aw I love this post! Sounds like you’ve had a pretty good year!! Wishing you plenty of happiness in 2018 and looking forward to reading more blogs and stealing outfit inspo from you!!

    The other Robyn 😉 xx |

  4. Loved this post and Happy New Year! xx

  5. Aleeha says:

    Looking forward to reading all your posts this year! I’m so jealous, would love to go to Copenhagen one day!
    Aleeha xXx

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