January 8, 2018

Hey all! I’ve been blogging now since September, and more regularly since October so I thought it was time I wrote a post about my blogging experience up to now! I also did an Insta poll to see if people would be interested in this post and the answer was YES, so here we are! I think the best thing for this post is to split it into the positives and negatives, so sit back relax and get an insight into my blogging experience so far…



Let’s start with the positives…

A new hobby

I think I’ve mentioned before but for the past couple of years I haven’t really had any hobbies. I don’t like going to the gym, I don’t play any sports, I don’t really play my guitar anymore (pretty sad about this actually, I need to start it up again) and i’m not part of any societies at university, anymore. The last proper hobby I had was when I joined the cheerleading society at uni and got back into gymnastics, but this ended when I broke my back. Yep, pretty traumatic. Since then I’ve gone to the odd gym session and a few yoga classes but nothing’s really stuck. So to have found a new hobby that I’m interested in with blogging has been really positive for me! I also used to love English lit at A Level, so to get back into writing has been great. It’s so nice to have a little space on the internet where I can express my thoughts and ramble as much as I want!

Exploring my style 

I generally think I’ve always been a bit daring with fashion. Not daring in a really alternative way but in a way that’s suited me. I remember once a girl taking the mick out of me for wearing bright pink jeans when I was about 12 and it really upset me at the time, but I really loved those jeans when I first bought them and looking back I’m pretty proud I had the guts to wear them and stand out! Blogging has been great for me so far as its giving me a chance to explore my style, which in turn is bringing out my more daring side. I mean yes, I love jeans and a t shirt the same as anyone else and sometimes that’s all I want to wear, but sometimes I like to play with colour, texture, double denim, you name it! This blog is giving me the platform and creative freedom to do just that and explore my ‘style’. I think is such a positive and I’m really excited to carry on doing so as my style and preferences are always developing and changing! Keep a look out for a new series of posts I’ll be doing soon on ‘exploring my style’.

An interest in photography

Another positive from starting blogging is that I’m developing more of an interest in photography. Good photography goes hand in hand with being a blogger so the more posts I’m writing, the more I want to improve my photography. I currently have the Olympus OMD EM-10 mark ii which is a great camera and i’ve just bought a 45mm lens which is UH-mazing! The photos in this post were the first taken with my new 45mm lens and I’m in love with the quality.

New skills

I am not a technical person. I mean, yes everyone my age has grown up learning to use computers and iPhones but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are all ‘technical’. So setting up (although I got some help from a company called Bloggerize when I went self hosted) and managing a website has forced me to learn new skills in order to adapt and manage. I’ve also learnt to utilise social media, improve my editing skills, and as spoken about above learn new photography skills. All of these skills are really useful and definitely something I will include on my C.V.

Working with brands

Since starting my blog I’ve really put a lot of time and effort into it and I’ve been so happy to see that the hard work has paid off and has been recognised by brands. Despite not blogging for very long, I’ve got the chance to work with some really great brands which has been amazing. Some of the brands I’ve worked with so far have included: PLT, Jack Wills, Cari’s Closet, HiSmile and A Gift From The Gods. I’ve also just been listed as one of the ’10 Insta Bloggers you should be following RN’ on which I was so so happy about! I mean it’s Boohoo! See the link, here, if you want to read the article. I’m really excited to see what 2018 holds and hopefully some great opportunities will pop up!

The Blogging community

Last but not least, a big positive so far for me of blogging is the blogging community itself. I can’t speak for the wider blogging community as a whole but so far I have come across so many lovely supportive bloggers. It’s crazy, as they’re all people I’ve never met in person but the support and comments shown on my Insta pics, blog posts and on twitter has taken me aback at times. People go on about bloggers, especially in fashion, being ‘bitchy’ and not supportive, but I have not experienced this at all so far and hopefully never will. I can’t wait to start going to more events so I can meet more lovely bloggers and build up an even bigger network of support.



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Now that’s it on the positives so far, onto the negatives…



I’d definitely say one of the main negatives I’ve faced so far is the amount of time blogging has taken up. As many of you know I’m currently in my third year of uni battling assignments and a dissertation, alongside working part time as a team leader at Urban Outfitters, so I have a pretty hectic schedule. However, I’m not one of these people that likes to do things half hearted and I can be a bit of a perfectionist so I wanted to really throw myself into this blog. But finding the time to plan posts, buy clothes, shoot photos, rely on my boyfriend friends or family to be around to take said photos, edit photos, write posts, promote posts on multiple social media channels etc… has been exhausting. I tend to find that I work better when my life has a routine, and at the moment as my shifts change a lot I’ve been finding it difficult to plan everything in and find the time! So the last few months have been a bit of a hectic struggle, but I’m just about keeping on top of it for now.


This next point is quite an obvious one, but blogging can be expensive. Whether it be clothes, domain costs, events, travel, a camera, everything costs money. I’ve found that to produce the type of content I currently am (1-2 blog post a week), which often involves regular outfit posts with new items, this can sometimes be pretty expensive. I’m not currently managing to save much money away each month because I’m basically investing in this blog, which at the moment is fine because I’m enjoying it, but the moment I’m not I’ll have to question whether it’s worth the ‘investment’ if you like.

The effect of social media

I think this is possibly the worst negative of blogging for me and everyone is different so this might not be the same for others. A lot of us are guilty of being on our phones too much, checking how many likes we’ve got on our Insta photos, comparing ourselves to others, being overly critical of ourselves…and I’m not an exception. I’ll probably go into this in more detail in another post but social media can be  pretty addictive and its so easy to get sucked into the negative feelings it can cause. I think this is something I kind of experienced before, but now I’m blogging there seems to be even more of a focus on it and it’s very easy to get caught up and get too addicted.

The pressure to produce amazing content

Finally my last point kind of leads on from the last in the sense that since blogging I’ve followed so many inspiring bloggers on social media and I’m in awe of their photos, wardrobes, make up, clothes etc. However for me personally it can be both inspirational and de-motivating. Why you might ask? Well it comes back to being a bit of a perfectionist. I look at these people and I want to be creating the type of content they are but struggle to currently emulate this because of the ‘Time’ and ‘Money’ points in this posts. I’m also pretty impatient and I want everything at once but I need to be realistic- no- I don’t currently have £200 to spend on an ASOS haul, no- I don’t have the time to be uploading a post everyday and no- I will not sacrifice my health and sleep to put the time in I feel is probably needed to produce the type of content I would ideally like to. But for now, this is fine! I need to stop putting pressure on myself and be happy with what I’ve achieved so far and learn new skills where possible to make my blog better. Mostly, I need to stop comparing.


And I think thats it! I can’t wait to continue with this blogging journey and maybe in 6 months time I’ll write another one of these posts and see where I’m at with it! I’d love to know if any of you guys agree with me or feel the same with any of my points and also if you have any advice for me on combatting the negatives I would love to hear!

Until next time,




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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love this post, Robyn! I only found you on Instagram recently and you are killing it so far! Try not to compare yourself to people have been doing this for years. I am so impressed that you’ve only been blogging since September and I look forward to seeing more from you! x

    • robyn says:

      Thankyou so much Elizabeth!! It’s so hard not to compare but it’s definitely something I’m trying to work on and instead be happy at my own achievements so far! Thankyou for your lovely comments it means a lot! xx

  2. Britney says:

    I definitely feel you on the time thing. I was a blogger for years when I was a teenager, but I never really realized how much time it took up. When I came back to blogging, I was like, “Holy cow! This is a lot of work!” I think it’s worth it in the end though. Blogging is like a great project I’m constantly working on and can feel great about.

    • robyn says:

      Yep so much time right!! It’s definitely worth it in the end and hopefully will be easier when I’m not drowning in loads of uni deadlines!! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts girl xx

  3. Robyn says:

    Love this post! You’ve achieved so much in such a short time and you should be so proud of yourself! Especially that Boohoo have rated you in their top 10! You go girl!! Robyn xxx

    • robyn says:

      Thanks so much girl! Sometimes I think I just need to take a step back and be megga happy with how far I’ve come so far! Looking forward to seeing more of your content in 2018! Xx

  4. Loved this post!! Also your hair is so pretty xx

  5. I’ve only recently found your blog and your doing AMAZING for such a short time! Love your photography and style! It’s hard not to compare but just remain positive and spread positivity and it will be returned!!

  6. Rosa says:

    Some really interesting points here. I’ve personally found that blogging doesn’t really cost me a lot of money.

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