Recently I bought the most amazing, bright and cosy zip up fluffy red jumper from Urban Outfitters, see here, and it’s safe to say I was pretty happy with my purchase. Like the child I still am, as soon as I got home, I put it on and showed my mum. She smiled and did a little laugh and said that I reminded her of the mini 8 year old me, in my primary school zip up fleece cardigan. At first I just thought she was being silly, but then I found one of my old school photos and I had to admit she was right…I was literally the spitting image of my younger self. This prompted me to reminisce over the past 14 years and wonder what I would say to my younger self if I had the chance. So I’ve decided to write myself a letter.



Dear 8 year old Robyn,

I love your school uniform sweater! You know, believe it or not, in 14 years time it will actually be ‘fashionable’ to wear clothes which look like your uniform, how cool is that? I just wanted to write you a quick letter to tell you how proud I am of you and to carry on being you. You might not always feel like the most popular or prettiest kid in school, but even at 8 years old you know who you are, even if many other people don’t. You don’t hold back in class and pretend you’re not clever, you always strive to do the best and believe you me, it will pay off down the line! Also whilst you’re at school, make sure you learn to play the guitar earlier instead of the flute, you’ll get bored of it eventually and wish you’d had proper guitar lessons instead.

As you grow up you’ll meet all sorts of hurdles- school exams, GCSE’s, A-Levels, bad friendships, bad relationships, heartbreak, family bereavements, a tyrant of a manager at work, dropping out of university, health issues, a broken back…it won’t be an easy ride. You’ll also make some very questionable make up, clothing and hair choices. Please note-DO NOT USE THE JOHN FRIEDA LIGHTENING SPRAY. But through it all I want you to remember to appreciate your family, because they’ll be there for you throughout it all and quite frankly they’re the coolest family you’ll ever know. I mean, what family sits round on a Sunday eating a casserole with Linkin Park’s ‘What I’ve done’ blasting in the background?!

You’re a sensitive individual. People don’t realise it because you have what you’ll later learn to be called a ‘resting bitch face’ but try not to bottle things up. You’ll get upset easily and try to put on a brave face, but trust me it’s better just to be honest, with yourself and those who have upset you. Don’t stand for any rubbish off anyone and don’t let ANYONE take you for granted. Know. Your. Worth. You are so much better than those waste of space boyfriends and you are so much better than the friends that don’t appreciate you back.  Hold on to anyone you meet that is genuine, they’re a rarity, but don’t worry you’ll meet a few good’ns along the way. Oh and don’t worry about losing your 1st love when you’re 16, you’ll both just need a little break to grow older and wiser before you get back together (maybe don’t leave it as long as 5 years). Trust me…he’s a gem.

By the way tell that horrible bully of a teacher of yours, to F off, they need to be stood up to. You’ll regret it and wish you did later down the line if you don’t.

Keep dreaming and strive for your goals!

P.s you know how you currently hate your middle name ‘Poppy’ because ‘Robyn Poppy Pound-Woods’ isn’t like every other ‘normal’ kids name, well it will come in handy when you finally decide to start your very own fashion blog. You’ll learn to love it…trust me.

Lots of Love,

22 year old Robyn




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