March 1, 2018

When I was initially planning this post I was thinking of doing a simple OOTD of a really easy and comfy outfit combo, which perfectly fits into the ‘sports luxe’ trend that everyone is buying into right now. The main focus was going to be the bold slogan jumper from NICCE’s women’s hoodies collection, which features in this post and is now a firm favourite in my wardrobe, for those chilled out kind of days. However, when I started thinking about it, I wasn’t sure if just a ‘simple OOTD’ post was going to be interesting and engaging enough. When I first started this fashion blog, I wanted to write about outfit posts, ways to wear and new season trends, as I’ve always had a strong love for fashion and this is where my main interests lie. However, I’ve recently found that I’ve started to re think this. Why? Because frankly, I don’t know if just posting about fashion is enough anymore.


3,4,5 years ago, the fashion blogging market was a lot less saturated, it’s undeniable. As time’s moved on anyone and everyone seems to have started a blog, including me. I think it’s great, I’m loving blogging and I know myself and others find it to be an amazing creative outlet. But in a world where consumers want the quickest shopping experience possible, apps like 21 buttons and like to know it, the direct link swipe up option in Instagram stores (for those users with over 10k followers) or simply just tagging the brand in an outfit pic, seems to be a much easier and hassle free way for shoppers to find what they want, quickly. There isn’t the need anymore to read a blog post on your fave bloggers new outfit, because the likelihood is, they’ve already linked it all on their Instagram profile. So what is the point of reading a blog post on a new outfit? Well there isn’t much really! I have seen some great posts on ways to wear which I’ve really enjoyed, but then again, I’ve also seen the pictures from these posts on the bloggers Instagram page, and I can get the gist from the pictures alone- I can see that that dress works really well with both a denim jacket and a puffer jacket and it also looks great with over the knee boots or trainers. The point being is I just don’t think there’s often enough to grab people to go and read a whole post on it.


Hoodie- NICCE London

Trousers- Missguided 

Trainers- Vans

Sunglasses- Ebay UK

I recently listened to episode 14 from the podcast series ‘Keeping it candid’ by Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton which featured Chloe Plumstead, where they touched on this issue. They were essentially saying the same as above, that as a blogger now you need to offer more. You need to offer something that they can’t get elsewhere from any other fashion blogger, a concept which Chloe Plumstead has absolutely down to a T. She is an absolute writing genius and masterfully crafts these consitently amazing and thought provoking posts, which are then teamed with absolutely killer fashion imagery and it’s safe to say this is definitely working for her. If you want some writing inspo, definitely go and check out her blog at

I’ve also come to this conclusion from actually looking at my own stats. This month I posted the ‘Discovering My Style series’ which included three separate posts ‘Discovering My Style #1’, ‘Discovering My Style #2- With Rokit Vintage’ and ‘Discovering My Style #3’ which showcased three very different outfit posts. Whilst the posts have done well, they didn’t get anywhere near enough the same initial response as more personal and ‘meaty’ posts such as ‘Note to self: Don’t apologise’ and ‘Why dropping out of university was the best decision I ever made’ . These initial findings fall in line with the belief that maybe writing just about fashion styling and outfit posts is just not enough anymore!


So what does that mean for this blog? Do I need to write more personal posts and less outfit posts? Maybe…but I’ve decided I’m going to save that for another post, where I’ll go into more depth on the direction I want to take this blog in. For now, I want to ask you what you think? Do you think outfit posts still hold their merit, or do you think as fashion bloggers we need to adapt and change to stay current and give the readers what they want? Or…is it just about doing what we love?

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*Disclaimer- This is a sponsored post in collaboration with NICCE London but all content and views are my own


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20 responses to “IS ‘JUST’ AN OUTFIT POST ENOUGH?”

  1. Disa Rastogi says:

    I guess if you have loyal readers who adore your style, blog posts will still work

    • robyn says:

      Very true! I guess for new fashion bloggers starting out it might not be enough if they don’t have the loyal readers yet! Xx

  2. This was a brilliantly written post. I guess you should maybe focus on the main reason you started blogging, for you, to be creative and enjoy it for yourself, you do you girl and don’t let the stats or other peoples comparison get you down, no matter how much it does get in the way xx


  3. This post is so interesting and I’m in the same exact position as you. When I first started my blog, I was mainly focused on my fashion section as that’s what got me into the blogging world in the first place. However, over the past few months of blogging, I’ve found myself writing other and different kinds of posts to try and reach a wider audience.

    This post is actually so relatable! I love it!

    Bukola Veronica,

    • robyn says:

      So glad you can relate and it’s not just me! I love the fashion imagery so feel like I definitely want to carry on with doing this, but at the same time maybe post more lifestyle related posts! Loving your blog at the moment girly xx

  4. I’ve been getting into more “fashion blogging” aka using photos of myself and my outfit in posts that are very ramblely and person opposed to ‘look at my outfit’ and they’re some of my most personal. I don’t know if it’s because people are able to see my face and what I look like that they feel more connected and that they actually get something out of my post. Or if it’s because that’s the actual direction that fashion blogging is going.

    Alicia x

    • robyn says:

      Yeah it’s such an interesting one! I definitely think people like to connect with the individual and like seeing how they style items but the bloggers I’ve seen doing so well at the moment definitely have a good amount of depth to their blog topics so maybe it’s about getting a good balance! Xx

  5. Dominique says:

    I totally agree with you that ‘only’ talking about an outfit on your blog has become redundant. I’ve actually always struggled with outfit posts and what to team it with on my blog as I’ve always felt just stating the obvious -what/how I’m wearing certain items of clothing- is a bit… well… boring. But I guess it’s whatever swings your boat and there are some bloggers who can write very funny and interesting posts only about what they are wearing. It’s perhaps an art-form only the great possess. 😉

    Loved reading your thoughts on this topic and I’m curious what road you’re going to take with this blog!


    • robyn says:

      Yeah it’s exactly like with this post, I’d originally set out to do a ‘casual’ type outfit post but just thought it would be too boring. Especially now I’ve got the 21 buttons app, people can just shop my outfits straight away on there! Yes I definitely agree, I think only a few people can manage to keep it completely engaging! Make sure to keep up with my new posts 🙂 Love, Robyn xx

  6. Valeria says:

    Interesting post! I feel like it depends on everybody‘s goal whether they need to adapt or not – personally, I do a bit of both personal and styling inspo, because that‘s what I‘ve always used my platform for. Others might have other goals so they need to evaluate what‘s more important to them : reaching a bigger audience but maybe having to compromise or keeping everyhing the way it was but maybe not having as many readers therefor… It‘s quite a tough topic in my opinion…

    xx, Valeria

    • robyn says:

      Totally agree with you! At the moment I’m using my blog as research for my university dissertation so a measure of success could be classed as page views, which means at the moment I am bothered by that but I reckon once I’m finished my dissertation this will change and I probably won’t care as much, although naturally I want to produce content that people want to read!! So it’s definitely an interesting one. Loving your blog at the moment though girl, can’t wait to see more from you! xx

  7. You’re absolutely right ! in fact, this is one of the reasons why I was doubting whether I really wanted to embark on the “fashion blogging” journey or not. I feel like nowadays, everybody is just doing the same thing.. that’s why you don’t feel any excitement reading the blogs. It’s like one topic is repeated over and over again, you don’t really have a connection with that person.
    Anyways, nice blog post ! I think you should just go with whatever you actually enjoy writing, because that’s what really matters at the end of the day.

    • robyn says:

      Yes totally agree! It can be really hard to find inspiration for fashion posts sometimes as everyone is doing similar stuff! But I definitely agree and think building a connection is really important! I’ve got some interested posts planned so will see how they go down! Xx

  8. cozystylist1 says:

    Loved this post! It was really insightful to read about how it’s not enough to put up a picture of your outfit, you have to have more to get attention.

    • robyn says:

      Glad you liked the post lovely! I definitely think readers are starting to expect and want to see a bit more from bloggers! Xx

  9. I agree to an extent, but personally prefer to read about something that has photos which are relevant to what I’m talking about – I love some good imagery, but much prefer when it’s relevant! ❤️

    • robyn says:

      Yeah that’s a very good point! I don’t mind too much either way to be honest but can see why people would prefer that! Xx

  10. The good thing about ootd posts is that you can get an insight into the items more; fabrics/textures, sizing, how they fit and how they feel. Where as on apps such as IG you just see where they come from xx

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