March 12, 2018

Sometimes it can feel impossible to juggle everything in life and as much as we would like to be, we aren’t super heroes. Over the last 6 months I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and I finally took the decision to make some changes and get my priorities straightened out! I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience, in the hope it might be relatable for some!

Going back into my final year of university, I decided to also take on a team leader role in retail and set up my blog. I’ve been managing to keep up with uni work (just) and everything else, but it’s undeniable that my health has probably suffered in the form of copious amounts of tiredness and stress (there’s only so many vitamins a girl can take).  Now, I think it’s really important here to mention that everyone is different. What one person might be able to juggle in life with no issues, might be different to what you can or even want to juggle…so don’t go comparing yourself to others.

For me it was a question of- Do I not put as much energy into uni work? Do I give the blog a break for a few months? Do I stop doing as many social activities? or Do I give up my job? or..Do I just continue to do all of the above and watch my stress levels rise? It would be do-able, but most likely something would have to give after a while and I wanted to be able to take control of the decision rather than deal with any drama in the midst of uni deadlines.

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Suit Jacket- H&M

Suit Trousers- H&M

Bag- Zara

T-Shirt- Primark

•Sunglasses- Rokit

Reebok Trainers- Urban Outfitters

…Obviously I wasn’t going to put less energy into uni work, my blog is actually directly linked to my dissertation so for me that couldn’t budge and health is so important. So I was left with my job and/or social activities. I’m extremely lucky that financially I didn’t necessarily ‘need’ a job whilst at uni, but ever since I was 16 I always chose to have a part time job as this is what has always funded any social activities, clothes/makeup and any extra’s that cropped up. I’ve always liked to remain partially independent, but for the sake of a few months until I graduate, I decided that leaving my job would be the best route for me.

Now I just want to note that, of course, everyones priorities and needs are different, but for me personally I knew this was the best decision and it was about getting my priorities in check…and I don’t have any regrets. This last term at university is so important and now I have more time to focus my energy on whats important whilst still having a balanced life… I just need to adapt my spending habits and learn to be a bit more spend savvy. *Money saving tips would be extremely appreciated*

Just remember, if you have too much on your plate and can manage to cut back in some area of your life, make sure you consider it. We aren’t superheroes and it’s totally okay to adapt and change to suit your current circumstances at any given time. You do you hun

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(All photography in this post was taken by Adrian Stanley Photo,  check out his Instagram page over at

*Disclaimer- I was kindly gifted with the sunglasses featured in this post by Rokit Vintage, however all opinions are 100% my own and I was not paid to write this post.


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  1. I always ejoy your writing. And this topic is so close to me right now. Not that I would not have any time, but just wasnt happy. Strugglinh with work which is not gonna get me anywhere, expensive sharehouse with 6 other people, what I actually want to do in life, blog which I am working on yet havent found my own way yet, family on the other side of Europe. What is my priority now? Do I want to give my energy to traveling? Or save money for my own place? I cant hardly decide which shampoo I am gonna buy next. So thank you for sharing this. I deffo have some priorities check to do! xx PS: hope you made the right decision and its gonna go well for you!

    • robyn says:

      Thankyou so much lovely! and Im so happy that this post is relatable. I totally understand what you’re going through, It’s definitely about just taking a step back sometimes and figuring out what you want and sacking off the things that aren’t making you happy, you do you! I hope you figure things out xx

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