March 19, 2018

Making friends in your twenties…it can be pretty difficult right?

Lets rewind back a bit. When you are younger and at playgroup/school, you tend to make friends pretty quickly over trivial things such as your favourite colour play dough, our favourite animal or who else has a brother or sister. It’s easy to make quick bonds with others and it’s easy to make friends. Fast forward a little bit to secondary/high school and friends are a key part of our lives, often more so than our families at this point. You often manage to have a big group of friends because that’s just the norm right? Then as you move on to college and eventually at university you pick up even more friends. This is because playgroup, school, college and university all hand us the opportunity to make friends on a plate. You’re forced into doing group work, team building activities and are given the option to join clubs and societies. You often don’t need to think twice about actually finding friends, because they all just happen to surround you. But in your twenties, things can start to change…


My mum once said to me that if you can manage to keep 1 good friend from each stage of  your life e.g. playgroup, school, college, university, first job etc then you’re doing well. I think she said this to me when I was about 14/15 and I just didn’t get it. What…only 4 friends?! That’s not a lot. But looking back it actually is, quality over quantity my friends. I currently have only really kept in touch with a few girls from school, because frankly people grow up, change and become different people, which is okay. Then a lot of my other friends I’ve met through working in various roles over the past few years.  But all in all I can probably count my really close friends on 1 hand…so I guess my mum was right! (shock).

But quite frankly, once you get past university it can be pretty difficult to make friends. I mean there’s plenty of apps about to help you find a boyfriend, but what about friends ey? You might not be in an industry where your work colleagues will become close friends and you might’ve lost touch with old school or college friends, so what’s the solution?? For anyone in this position I would highly recommend taking up a hobby. It might sound mega simple, but it can be the perfect way to find like minded people who share similar interests to you, all whilst doing something you love! Sounds pretty good right!? For me this hobby is blogging…


One thing I am really enjoying about blogging, is the blogging community itself. From my experience so far I have come across so many lovely driven bloggers who are extremely supportive, despite not having ever met any of these girls.

Then, on Saturday I finally got the chance to meet some of these lovely girls at a bloggers brunch at the most amazingly ‘instagrammable’ location that is @Iamlondonstudio. The day consisted of a lovely brunch, drinking lots of fizz, trying on new clothes (Including this gorgeous knitted two piece that I seriously didn’t want to take off, courtesy of @wearthewalk) , shooting content and just having a lovely chat with some like minded blogger babes. I was so happy I attended the event and it was amazing to meet a group of girls that I’d never met before and just automatically click. So I big thank you to @Kelseyinlondon for organising, I can’t wait for the next one! For all you creatives out there you can also join the Facebook group that Kelsey has set up, it’s a great place to share and ask for opinions, meet other bloggers and generally support each other. If you fancy joining, check it out at 


Whether its blogging, gym’ing (not sure that’s an actual word but we’ll roll with it), gymnastics, rock climbing, dancing or gaming, if you’re wanting the opportunity to meet likeminded people with similar interests to you, who could potentially become your new besties, then take up a hobby! Making new friends can be a bit more tricky in your 20’s, so lets make those opportunities ourselves!

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(All photos in this post were taken by the amazingly talented and lovely blogger babe Jasmin White, check out her Instagram page over at @healthytwenties)

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  1. cozystylist1 says:

    LOVE this post. It has been so hard to make friends after I finished college. That is why I had to pick up blogging as a hobby to fill my time. I have met so many amazing people online that have been really supportive.

    • robyn says:

      So glad you liked it lovely! It can be pretty difficult can’t it? Blogging is such an amazing hobby for meeting people, whether it be online/in person! Everyone I’ve encountered so far is so lovely xx

  2. Charlotte says:

    You look so beautiful – what a fantastic outfit! Really great post, thank you for sharing.

    Charlotte x

  3. Julia says:

    Agreed, it’s definitely way harder to make friends when you’re in your twenties as opposed to when you’re just in high school or something like that. Starting a hobby is a great idea, anything where you can be around likeminded people I think.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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