March 26, 2018

Despite the ever changing weather at the moment, the clocks have gone forward, the evenings are getting lighter and we’re starting to see a little more sun shine through! If you know me, then you’ll know that I’m a summer person through and through- my birthday’s in the summer, I love the sun and I’m all round a happier (less grumpy) person when the weathers just that little bit nicer. Also one of the other main reasons I prefer this time of year is it means the start of S/S dressing and accessorising!

I think there’s so many more possibilities for dressing and experimenting with clothes in the S/S season, instead of being constantly wrapped up in a rotating selection of about 3/4 coats…which can get pretty boring. But despite outfits in summer being much cheaper (I mean it’s definitely cheaper to buy 1 dress for an outfit rather than a jumper, jeans and coat right?!) if you’ve read my latest post ‘Get Your Priorities In Check’ than you’ll know I currently don’t have a job so I’m looking to be spending savvy at the moment!

But, not to fret as I’ve found a perfect solution…accessorising! Switching up outfits with some simple accessories can be a great way to make the most of your wardrobe and in particular today I wanted to share with you my favourite sunglasses trends of 2018. There are so many fab new sunglasses trends emerging this year and with the likes of online brands and Ebay offering super affordable options, it’s the perfect solution for trying out some of these slightly ‘extra’ styles, whilst not bankrupting yourself. Plus of course sunglasses are the perfect way to 1. Look amazing in any outfit you’re in and 2. hide your tired eyes from the world (which is why you will find me wearing sunglasses in almost all of my Insta posts!)

So here we go with my top sunglasses styles for 2018…


1. Cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses are EVERYWHERE. I’m sure you will have seen seen your fave Insta girl or celebrity sporting a pair already but if not, come summer time, they’ll be all over your Instagram feeds, so get in on the action! I bought a pair back in Jan from Ebay, which featured in my ‘Discovering your style #3’ post and I’ve definitely got the wear out of them since! They’re a classic black frame and not too slimline so they’re perfect if you just want to try out the trend. I’ve also since invested in a red pair from ASOS which I’m yet to wear as I’m still working out the best way to style them (any tips, help a girl out…)! Then last week I decided to be brave and buy a couple more pairs from eBay with a more extreme slimline frame! Plus hellooo tinted lense! If you want to see how I end up styling these, because TBC on that one at the moment, make sure to be following me on Instagram @robynpoppy


Black cat eye – Ebay UK

Red cat eye- ASOS

Red tinted cat eye- Ebay UK

Tortoise shell cat eye – Ebay UK


2. Metal Framework

This is quite a broad trend, but I’m seeing a lot of both classic and new shapes in the  metal framework category this season. I’m talking your classic Clubmaster, rounded frame and more recently the Octagon frame. I’ve had my Rayban Clubmaster’s for almost 5 years now and they’re a classic, if not somewhat iconic, shape which are a must have. If anything, i’d say a Clubmaster or aviator shape is the most worth investing in if you want to spend a bit more money, as they keep coming back year after year as a key sunglasses trend! I mean you can’t go wrong with them! *Note to self- buy a nice pair of aviator sunglasses

Then more recently the round and Octagon shapes have emerged and are becoming my fast favourites, especially the hexagonal frame as I think this is the first year I’ve really seen these about! These two styles are from the online sunglasses site Jeepers Peepers and are perfect for giving any outfit that touch of edge. Plus, all three of these styles are great for if the cat eye trend is a bit too out there for you!


Clubmaster- Rayban

•Round frame- Jeepers Peepers

•Octagon frame- Jeepers Peepers


3. Tinted Lenses

I’m seeing more and more coloured tinted lens sunglasses about for S/S2018 and I’m totally loving the 90’s vibe. I’ve worn this yellow tinted pair from Rockit a few times so far and I feel so OTT in them but just decided to totally own it! I also recently received this amazing pink tinted pair from Jeepers Creepers which I can’t wait to style! I’m going to sound like a mum now (I’m not that old I swear) but make sure when you’re buying tinted lens sunglasses that you are aware if they offer full UV protection or not, as this varies between different styles!


Red tinted Cat Eye- Ebay UK

•Yellow Tinted- Rokit

•Pink Tinted- Jeepers Peepers


4. Oval

Back to the 90’s! The final key style I wanted to bring into this sunglasses guide for 2018 is the oval shape. I fell in love as soon as I saw this black pair from Urban Outfitters and just knew I had to have them! They’re very Julia Roberts in Notting Hill when paired with a beret and I’m totally feeling that look! I’ve also seen quite a lot of white pairs about if you fancy making more of a statement, such as this fab pair from Jeepers Peepers.


Black Oval – Urban Outfitters 

•White Oval- Jeepers Peepers 


And that’s it! Despite there being quite a few styles I haven’t mentioned, those are my personal favourite sunglasses styles for spring/summer 2018. I hope you enjoyed and make sure to let me know which one is your favourite in the comment below!


Until next time,




*Disclaimer- All items marked with a (*) have been kindly gifted to me by the companies mentioned. However, I was not paid or asked to write this post and all opinions are 100% my own.


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6 responses to “SUNGLASSES GUIDE 2018”

  1. Lucy Cole says:

    So many beaut sunnies! The cat eye frame is a bit out there for me but seeing as there’s some on eBay I might give them a go!xx

    Lucy |

    • robyn says:

      For that price it’s definitely worth trying them out if you fancy it! I definitely wasn’t sure at first but now I love them xx

  2. Olivia Faith says:

    I have recently fallen in love with Cat Eye sunglasses which I had never thought I would!! The YSL ones are SO painfully beautiful and definitely at the top of my Luxe list!
    LOVED the post. As always! 😍 BRING ON SUMMER!! 💃🏼🔥

  3. I really need some of the cat eye ones. They just look so cool.

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