July 15, 2018

I’ve been a little MIA over on my blog recently, which makes me pretty sad. If you’ve read my post ‘Life update- new Job and moving to London’ then you’ll know that I’m now working a full-time job and feel like I’m trying my best to ‘adult’ at the moment! Unfortunately, it means I’ve had a lot less time than when I was at uni to spend time on my blog and with the time I do I’m having to prioritise, which often means dedicating more time to Instagram than my blog, as I’m seeing the most growth on this platform.

So I thought now is the perfect time to write a post dedicated to the Instagram vs Blogging debate and give my point of view explaining where my thoughts lie with it. I feel like this could be a pretty meaty post but to keep it tight and not too ‘rambly’ I’m going to simply split it into pros vs cons of both blogging and Instagram, then give a little overview.



Pros of Instagram

  1. It requires less time. Taking a photo, editing it and writing a caption can still take a lot of time, but it takes a lot less time than doing that for 5-10 images and writing 500-1000 words.

2. Readers attention spans. Now more than ever it seems that people want to be able to get information quickly. A photo and a caption on instagram is a much quicker way to digest information and requires less commitment than spending half an hour reading a blog post.

3. I believe more people keep up to date with their favourite influencers on Instagram, rather than by reading blogs.

4. The majority of brands I work with only seem to want Instagram content. Less and less are asking for blog posts and I think it will continue in this direction.

Cons of Instagram

1. I like writing. I know lots of people use captions on Instagram as a way to micro-blog, but you can’t get across the same amount of detail in a caption than in a blog post.

2. I do think you seem more professional for having a blog. It requires additional skills and a lot of time and effort to run a successful blog and I think people and brands respect that and may see you as more professional for having your own website essentially.

3. We’ve all seen what’s happening to Facebook, no one really uses it anymore. What if that happens to Instagram and you’ve built a career based around 1 potentially unstable app? Get a back up plan!


Pros of Blogging

  1. Some brands are still looking for blog content- potentially less than in previous years, but it’s good to have the option there.

2. You get to showcase your writing skills and create talking points on topics that maybe are too in-depth to include in a caption on instagram.

3. You get to feel like you are more than just an ‘instagrammer’ or ‘influencer’.

4. You can build a platform which may stand the test of time, in the event that Instagram collapses.

5.  It’s a positive creative outlet.

6. It’s a platform that builds on your writing, website design and SEO skills.

Cons of Blogging

  1. TIME. This is a biggie.Writing a blog post inevitably takes time, for me it could be up to 2-3 hours depending on the length and depth of the post. As I currently don’t have much spare time, this  is something I’m struggling with

2.  I genuinely don’t believe AS many people read blogs compared to a few years ago, but theres more people blogging. This means it is harder to build a loyal audience, not impossible, but definitely harder.

3. Many brands are only looking for promotion on Instagram- therefore there may be less point investing hours of your time on your blog, to get little in return.

Overall, Instagram is currently ‘where it’s at’ for me. Its the platform I’m seeing the most growth on and also the platform that brands are wanting me to produce the most content for. Plus it takes less of my time. However, I think it’s still important to have a blog or website as a back up plan in case Instagram collapses as an app and also as an additional outlet to get creative and build on skills that Instagram doesn’t offer the chance to. So going forward for me at the moment, you may see less frequent posts on here, but I will try my best to update my blog whenever I can!

And that’s it. If you’ve read any of this post and don’t agree with my opinion that is completely fine! Mine is just one opinion out of many but I thought this would be an interesting post to write so I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!



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4 responses to “INSTAGRAM VS BLOGGING”

  1. Robyn Elms says:

    Hello fellow Robyn 😀 I enjoyed your little break-down and I think you have hit the nail on the head. Websites will always be important to reduce reliance on external sources like Instagram/YouTube, but social media is a great way of building your brand and getting more people to check out your website. If you’d like to check out my blog, it’s xx

  2. I completely agree. Instagram IS where it’s at now. The audience is bigger and it takes a lot less time to create content. However, I feel as if I’m being pushed to grow my instagram. Blogging was my original love and hobby, instagram was just for pretty photos.

    With that being said, I am trying to grow my instagram. I don’t hate creating content on there, but I find it more addictive and damaging than Instagram.

    So glad you have decided what you want to focus on! I’m still deliberating what I should do!

    Kara x

    • robyn says:

      I think its definitely the time factor for me! I love having my blog but it definitely does require more work. But if you love your blog and aren’t as keen on Instagram, just do what you love the most! x

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