September 26, 2018

I recently attended my first London Fashion Week and I can’t lie it was amazing! If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll have seen a little bit about what I got up to, but I thought it would be a good idea to go into a bit more detail on my fashion week experience!

The outfits

So naturally I’m starting off with the most important thing…what I wore. I’ve already linked all the items on my page on the 21 Buttons app, so if you want the direct links head on over!

Outfit 1

For day 1, I wanted to keep it simple. As this was my first fashion week I wasn’t too sure on what the ‘vibe’ was going to be. I’ve since learnt that pretty much anything goes, but for my first day/outfit I’d picked something that made me feel sassy, confident and comfy all in one go. I’d originally planned to wear this slip dress without a t-shirt underneath but after a last minute stress at 9pm the night before, when I’d asked my mum to alter it as it was too big, I decided to just put a white t-shirt underneath it instead. Overall I loved this look and I think it’s super wearable! I’ll definitely be outfit repeating with this one…


Outfit 2

The second outfit was possibly my favourite as it was a little more ‘out there’, whilst still being very ‘me’. I’m absolutely loving midi skirts right now and have two colours of this style skirt now! Pair it with some trainers and it automatically makes it look a bit more casual. The jumper is from Starsica’s AW/18 collection, which the company Wear The Walk have rented out to me. I’m trying to do my bit to be more eco friendly, and I love what the team at Wear The Walk are doing right now. They rent out designer items so you can have an ever revolving wardrobe! Definitely check them out if this interests you. Oh and FYI I’m trying to make wearing band t-shirts that you ACTUALLY buy at the concert cool. The ones you buy in the shops (the Metallica and guns and roses ones if you know what I mean) which have just been mass printed as a fashion trend just aren’t the same- sorry.



Outfit 3

For day 3 I decided to again, keep it pretty casual with this knitted co-ord from ASOS. Unfortunately for me, I’d planned to wear this outfit on the HOTTEST DAY EVER. After feeling like I was going to melt in the ground, and attending the most amazing show by JD x Adidas, I had to duck into Topshop and buy another outfit to change into. Moral of the story- wear weather appropriate clothing. Having said this, it was a pretty cute outfit though right?!


Outfit 4

On day 4 of fashion week I didn’t have any shows planned in but instead had a day of events and meetings. I wore the most beautiful silk *dress by the designer Lisou, another Wear The Walk item. Then of course I styled it with a pair of trainers, because you know me. I also appear to have a thing for the clothes which have that extra ‘swish’ factor at the moment (the skirt being exhibit A.)


The Shows

I don’t really have any still photos from the shows and events I attended (sorry, bad blogger I know), but have plenty of video clips saved down in my LFW Instagram highlight reel! But I’ll break it down a little bit for you.


On Saturday I attended my first ever London Fashion week show by Fashion International, which celebrated designs with influences from all over the globe. My favourite collection had to be the Rubaaiyat by Mini Bundra SS19 collection, full of pretty floral dresses perfect for summer. I had absolutely no expectations before the show, but got to sit front row! Not a bad first fashion week experience ey…


On Sunday I attended a few shows scheduled by the company Fashion Scout and saw the new SS19 collections from F.H Christensen, Starisca and A-Jane. I think my favourite of them all had to be Starsica, just as the new collection had so many pieces which would be really wearable and suited to my style! Pinstripe pink suits, tropical prints, bold florals, PVC rain mac’s, rainbow midi skirts…need I say more?!


Last but definitely not least…

On the Monday I attended the Haley Baldwin JD x Adidas show, which I have to say was my favourite. There were so many items which I would 100% buy myself! Also I’m not one to necessarily get star struck, but seeing Winnie Harlow walk down the catwalk was definitely a highlight of fashion week! She. is. stunning…

What I loved

The events, the shows, the atmosphere, meeting so many lovely bloggers- the list goes on. I had an amazing time at fashion week, and would do it all again in a flash! I feel really lucky to have been invited to some amazing shows after only blogging for a year and can’t wait for fashion week in Feb!

What I didn’t like so much

There definitely seems to be status games going on at fashion week. Who looks the most important, who’s wearing the most outrageous outfit, who has the most followers, who’s most ‘insta famous’ or ‘actual famous’ (if you understand what I mean). Anyway, it can be a little intimidating. But I’m going to give myself some credit because I seriously pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad I did! It was worth it…


Plan ahead, get organised and enjoy it. If you’re wondering how to get invited to events then my main tip would be to do your research and send out emails to the relevant PR’s/ designers/companies a couple of months before fashion week. I’ve also listed my 5 must-have items below that’ll get you through!

A pair of flat shoes

Pack a pair of trainers, flip flops or foldable flats in a bag in case your feet get sore. I didn’t have this problem as I’m a trainer kind of girl, but for all you out there who like to hurt your feet for fashion, this is a must have!

A bottle of water

KEEP HYDRATED. Okay, sorry for the capitals but this one is very important. Fashion week can be hectic and you need to have your head straight. You’ll also be attending events where there is lots of alcohol available so it’s important not to get dehydrated.

A snack

Trust me to mention food, but this is so important. The shows/events you might be attending could be quite close together and it’s very easy for your normal eating pattern to fall out of place. Make sure you pack a snack to keep you going in an emergency hunger moment.

A tote bag

Your small little bum bag may look cute, but trust me, it’s not going to hold everything you need. Pack a tote bag which you can use for above water bottle and snack and any freebies you may acquire etc. It’ll look cuter than dashing into a shop to buy a 5p M&S plastic bag (this didn’t happen but I mean…just imagine).

Make-up essentials

I’m not talking your whole make up bag, but carrying your make up essentials (for me concealer, lip balm and a small mirror will do) is a must. Fashion week consists of long days, and touch ups will be essential.

A Diary

I normally use my phone to organise my life, but I’ve recently started using a diary and it’s made my life a lot more organised. With busy days and lots of events scheduled in, it’s so useful!


And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my LFW post and found some useful tips and tricks. Which was your favourite outfit I wore?! Let me know in the comments below


Until next time,



(*Disclaimer- the company Wear The Walk rented the jumper and dress marked with a * ft in this post out to me free of charge, but all opinions are that of my own and I wasn’t paid to include these items in this post)

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  2. It seems like you had an amazing time at LFW. I love all your outfits also, they’re so chic and stylish!

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