November 2, 2018

(Disclaimer- This post is a paid collaboration with Beaverbrooks and all items marked with a * were gifted. But all views and opinion are 100% my own.)

I’ve recently started working with the jewellers Beaverbrooks and wanted to tell you all about the exciting new partnership! Over the coming months I’ll be writing a number of posts, bringing you my favourite jewellery trends of the moment! First off I thought I’d start with a little Q and A so you can find out what’s inside my jewellery box. You can find the full post on the Beaverbrooks website


  1. What’s your favourite jewellery trend of the moment? How does this play into your personal style?

I think my favourite jewellery trend at the moment would have to be the hoop trend. I love how they’re simple but still add that little bit of bling. I’d normally sway towards sterling silver but I’m also loving gold right now!

2. What’s your all-time favourite ‘forever’ piece of jewellery and why?

For my 18th birthday I was given a tiffany heart necklace with an engraved ‘R’ on it. I absolutely loved it and still wear it most days. I think what I like the best is that it is so classic and looks just as good 5 years on as it did when I first had it. To be honest, I think it’ll look just as good 30 years on! Oh and yes, if you haven’t already guessed it, I’m 23!

3. What’s your favourite piece of Beaverbrooks Jewellery and why? How would you style this?

It’s got to be the sterling •silver 50mm hoops! As you already know, I’m definitely a fan of the hoop trend as these slightly larger hoops are the perfect way to make a statement without wearing anything too bold. They’re great for every day, night time, casual outfits, dressy outfits you name it. Also, at £45 they’re a really accessible price point.

I’ve styled them with some square •cubic zirconia earrings and a matching •silver/rose gold heart necklace and •bracelet. The overall look is still quite subtle but means it is perfect for pretty much any outfit! The pop of rose gold also adds a little colour which is a nice touch.


4. What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever given?

I think my top tip for style advice is to research the trends and make a judgment on how long they are going to be ‘in’ for, before investing money. For example if a trend is looking like it’ll be in and out after one season, then don’t spend much on it. However, if it’s looking like it’s a trend that has longevity, it may be best to invest a little more in higher quality items. If you’re unsure, check out what you’re favourite bloggers and fashion magazines are saying!

5. What attracted you to working with Beaverbrooks?

I’ve always loved accessorising my outfits with jewellery and it’s undeniable that Beaverbrooks sell beautiful jewellery. I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to style some gorgeous, high quality styles and show off my personal style! I also really like how they cater for a number of budgets. Oh and not to mention the large range of amazing brands they stock- hello Gucci!

And that’s it for now! Keep up to date with the Beaverbrooks blog and social pages to make sure you don’t miss my next post.

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