February 24, 2019

I’ve been asked a few times for advice on how to get a job in influencer marketing so I thought what better way to give some advice than write a blog post about it. If you’ve read my post ‘Finishing University- the most scary or exciting time of your life?’ then you’ll know that I’ve recently had a bit of a career change and taken up a job as an Influencer Campaign Assistant at the Influencer Marketing Agency The Studio. By all means, I may not be the most experienced person to give you advice on this, but if I can help just one of you get into your dream career then it’s worth it! This post will include specific advise aimed to help you land your dream job in the influencer marketing industry and also some more general advice that can be applied to anyone looking for a job in any other sector.


Relevant Degree 

Whilst having a relevant degree may not be the definitive factor that lands you your dream role in influencer marketing, in my opinion it will help. Any marketing related degree, especially one that focusses on, or includes modules in, influencer marketing, social media marketing etc, will look good on your CV when applying for jobs in this sector. And no I’m not saying you HAVE to go to uni and get a degree, but I still believe achieving a 2.1/1st class honours demonstrates to employers that you have a certain level of intellect and dedication, which will transfer well to the work place. Having said this, with a mass amount of us now having a university degree, it almost means nothing without my next point…experience!


You can’t expect a relevant degree to be enough anymore, so you’ll need to get up off your bum and put some serious work in outside your degree as well. If you’re looking to land yourself a job in influencer marketing, it’s a given that you should probably start building your own social media channels, whether that’s starting a blog, a YouTube account, Instagram or Twitter (or all of them!). I don’t mean you need to be a massive social media Influencer but If you’re wanting to work in Influencer Marketing you need to understand at least how to efficiently use the main social media apps and show a keen interest in the industry.

From a personal perspective my degree was in Fashion Buying with Marketing, I’d focussed my final year dissertation around blogging as a sustainable career and I’d also started to build my own social following. Although I had no direct experience of the PR, Influencer Marketing, Agency side of the industry, I’d built up enough experience from being involved in it hands on myself, that this put me in a good enough position to land the role I’m in today!

However, I think that it’s also a great idea to get as much experience through internships and placements as possible. My degree at university offered a year’s industry placement. I chose to do mine in a buying role, but I could’ve opted to search for a marketing based placement, which would’ve increased my experience even more! Point being, if your university offers work experience/industry placements, 100% go for it!

But if they don’t, or you’re not at uni anymore, not to worry. There’s nothing stopping you from emailing agencies (look on social media or Linked In for the contacts) with your CV and seeing if they have any opportunities available for a couple of days a week, or a couple of weeks. You can also get in touch with small brands to see if they need any help with managing their social channels. Any experience will help!

Oh and finally don’t limit yourself to trying to just get the perfect relevant experience around influencer marketing- A part time job in the retail or hospitality sector will teach you so much! I spent around 6 years working in fashion retail in a range of jobs (just check out my linked in profile aha) and it taught me so many key life skills which are transferable to any career such as- communication/people skills, time management, dealing with difficult situations, working as a team and also later on how to manage a team effectively.


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Review your CV/Linked In account

I personally think having a creative CV which stands out is a really important one. When I worked in retail I used to help recruit new team members and I’d often be flicking through hundreds of CV’s and I’ll tell you now, a plain black and white CV in Times New Roman font does NOT stand out in the slightest. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t need to be all singing all dancing, but put a bit of colour on there and play around with the layout a bit. There are hundreds of templates out there for you to choose from! Pinterest is great inspiration for this.

Also, you’d be surprised how many things people seems to leave off a CV. I’ve listed below everything I’d personally include on your CV



People often say to not make it longer than 1 page, but if you’ve got lots of previous jobs/work experience you want to list that’s practically impossible. I’d personally never have it longer than 2 pages though.

Once you’ve got your CV in check, it will be really easy to create a Linked In profile for yourself. This is essentially an online CV and a platform which lots of businesses actively use and seek new employee’s through. It’s also a great platform to see what jobs are currently available! Top tip- Don’t have a selfie as your profile photo, it doesn’t look professional.


Do you know the current state of the industry? The history of the company your interviewing for? Do you have a thorough understanding of the role you’re going for? Whatever it may be, you need to be prepared! Thoroughly research the company, your role,

and the market before going for any job interview. Also, one big one that I’ve been asked in interviews a LOT before…WHY do you want this job at this company? That’s definitely one you need to have an answer for.

When going for job interviews I always try to pre-empt the type of questions I might be asked and prepare answers for them beforehand. Sometimes it comes in handy and sometimes those questions are never asked, BUT it helps me to feel prepared. There’s nothing worse than being completely caught out with nothing to say.

Also, prepare some questions for them. What’s the best thing they like about working for XXX company? What’s the career development like? You get the gist!


Show Passion-

This will get you a long way in life, whatever job you want to do. It’s really important in any job application or interview that you make it clear how passionate you are about the role. Nobody will hire you if it doesn’t really sound like you even want the job! This might sound like a given, but trust me there’s people out there who just don’t come across as interested. It’s such a simple point but possibly one of the most important.



Overall, I’m a thorough believer that if you want something enough you can make it happen. However, it doesn’t just happen on it’s own. You need to set a goal and work out the steps you need to take in order to get there. Hopefully this post will have helped with this!


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(*Advertisment disclaimer- Any items in this post marked with a (*) below were gifted to me, but I was not paid to write this post or feature them in this post. As always, all views and opinions are 100% my own.)

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  1. Isobel says:

    Robyn thank you so much for sharing this! I’m looking at going into this sort of career path as I want to have a complete career change as I’m not loving my job as much as I used to and feel like a change needs to be made. And social media and blogging is a passion that I have and this is something I want to grow in within the industry of marketing, it’s just gaining the experience and getting there! But thank you fo sharing this!

    Isobel x

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    • robyn says:

      So glad you found the post useful! It’s an amazing career to get into and especially great if you’re already blogging/interested in influencer marketing. I hope you find a new job which you feel happier in 🙂 xx

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