April 1, 2019

I’ve just got back from my first abroad press trip (A definite pinch me moment) with JD Women and Vans Europe. Honestly if you’d told me a year and a half ago when I first started blogging that I’d be getting these types of opportunities I wouldn’t of believed you. I’ve worked with JD quite a lot over the last year and previously went to Bestival with JD x Vans, which I wrote a post about if you want a little recap. But essentially it’s great working with both brands as I’ve loved wearing Vans for years so when I was asked if I wanted to go away with them to the House of Vans event in Berlin it was a definite YES. I’ve been posting all about the trip on my Instagram, but also wanted to document it on here for you all so I can go into a little more detail! So here it goes…

Day 1- Friday

We arrived in Berlin on the Friday afternoon and went for a little explore of the centre as there wasn’t any events on until the evening. Our hotel location was great and only a 15 minute walk to Alexanderplatz, where I took a selfie to send to my dad pretending I was in the Bourne Supremacy film (if you know you know). We had a little browse around the shops, grabbed some food and then went back to the hotel to chill for a bit. The hotel was called Hotel Mani and was gorgeous so definitely check it out if you’re looking for hotels in central Berlin. The only main site of Berlin that I’d want to see in the future is the Berlin Wall but I wanted to save that for another time, as there’s nothing worse than trekking out to somewhere and feeling rushed when you’re on a schedule! Even more reason to come back again…


Sweatshirt- Weekday | *Vans- JD | Bag- Topshop

In the evening me and Layla , the other influencer on the trip, met up with the JD girls, went for food at a Vietnamese restaurant and then headed to the House of Vans venue for their Friday gig. The venue was amazing and I’ve got to say the Vans branding was spot on, with checkerboard backdrops and skate photos throughout. The evening was great and I finally got to see one of my favourite bands, Nothing But Thieves play! The Vans events always seem so chilled and are just a good laugh, which I guess goes perfectly in line with what you’d expect from a skate brand! The music went on until 4am but with a full day ahead on the Saturday we left after Nothing But Thieves finished around 2am.


Day 2- Saturday

Saturday was the main day and was a jam packed day of exciting workshops, content creation and a final evening gig! There was also tattooing sessions, clothes stalls and talks with the ambassadors going on throughout the day. Vans have an initiative to get more girls skating through their girls skate camps and breaking down any barriers girls may feel they have to start skating. One of the most daunting parts of wanting to learn to skate can be getting your first board, so Vans wanted to get as many girls building their first board as possible through their workshops. Pro Vans Skater Helena Long talked us through how to build our first board and I ended up with my own checkerboard Vans skate board, which will be getting shipped back to the UK for me to keep!

Then it was on to actually learning to skate. Other than a brief stint of buying a skateboard from Argos when I was 10 and going up and down a 10 m stretch in my garden for a few weeks, I’ve never given skateboarding a go. If I’m being honest I do think it can be quite intimidating if it’s not something you’ve tried before or from a young age. But we got a quick crash course from pro skater Lucy Adams (who was both lovely and such a good teacher) and within 10 minutes she had my riding down a ramp! It was such a great feeling and it’s definitely something I’d like to give some more practise too when I get my board back in London! As it was such gorgeous weather (Helloo 17 degrees sunshine) we then took the opportunity to take some content outside the venue which I was pretty happy with how it turned out. It was an amazing atmosphere as the day progressed with lots of people just chilling in the sun or skating outside!


*Hoodie- JD| Jeans- Weekday|*Vans- JD| Socks- Topshop| Sunglasses- ASOS


In the evening we found the nicest little restaurant shack called Bao Burger (Vietnamese again!) where the food was uh-mazing, plus the cocktails weren’t half bad either! We then headed on to the evening event at the House of Vans venue, where Octavian was headlining. If I’m being completely honest it’s not really my kind of music, but the atmosphere was insane and the crowd went mad for it. It was a great end to an amazing two days.

So that’s pretty much a wrap on everything we got up to at the House of Vans event. I honestly had the best time and left feeling so inspired by all the amazing pro female skaters. Thanks to Vans and JD for having me!



Until next time,


*Disclaimer- this was an all expenses paid press trip, where I was required to create some Instagram content in exchange for attending. However this blog post is not in any way sponsored and all my opinions are 100% my own. I just wanted to share with you what a great trip I had! All items marked with a (*) were gifted.







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