October 27, 2019

Hey guys! Long time no speak, lets catch up! I say it more often than not these days when posting on here but it appears that I’ve been neglecting my little space of the internet recently. I used to use this space as a chance to be creative through writing, which I really do enjoy and quite frankly I’ve missed it. But life gets in the way and with instagram taking up the majority of my free time these days it’s increasingly harder to carve out time for much else. So I’m writing this on my phone notes on the plane to Copenhagen (I promise my life isn’t that jet set) promising to myself that I’ll try and make more time to update this blog regularly. Well by regularly I mean not leaving it months at a time (I don’t think I’d stand a chance with blogtober!) 

So this is just a post to check in and update you all with the past few months, which it’s safe to say have been pretty epic and equally as hectic.
So over the last few months I’ve been on a few amazing press trips, moved flats, had a career change and landed myself an amazing new job and have done a whole load of exciting collaborative shoots in between with fellow bloggers, photographers and amazing brands. I’ve been told before that I can be quite modest and don’t often shout about my achievements (which ironically you wouldn’t think it reading this post) but I think it’s so important to reflect on your achievements and celebrate these successes. We need to be our own biggest fans at the end of the day right? 

So let’s break it down…

New career- 

Let’s get straight to the good stuff with this one. If you read my post (here) then you’ll know that for the last year I’ve been working at an influencer marketing agency. At university I studied fashion buying/marketing and although my job experience that I’d gained up until a year ago was in buying, I decided that I wanted to give marketing a go. Also being completely honest the last buying role that I was in really wasn’t for me and I definitely fell out of love with it for a while. So I landed a role at an influencer marketing agency which gave me an amazing insight into the other side of the influencer world and has provided me with invaluable experience.

However fast forward just under a year and I was doubting my decision to switch and was missing working in the buying industry. I personally found it quite all consuming working in a day job that was largely focussed around Instagram and then going home and spending a few hours a night on my own work (editing photos, engaging on Instagram, back and fourth on emails, issuing invoices, admin etc). My screen time was horrendously high. I also missed the job satisfaction that buying used to give me, being able to work in a team where you’d see your hard work physically in store and online 6 months- a year after was always an amazing feeling.

So I started applying for buying jobs again and landed myself a BAA (buyers admin assistant) role at M&S on the menswear casual shirts department which I’m so excited about!! I wanted the next job I was in to be a long term job where I could really see myself progressing over the years, and I genuinely think is the one. Which is pretty exciting right?

So why not go into blogging full time? I’ve had quite a few people ask me this recently and have had quite a few shocked responses when people have found out my new job is a full time 9-5 job working outside the influencer industry.

The answer is quite complex and includes all of the below factors-

Press trips- 

Never in a million years when I first started blogging 2 years ago did I think I’d be lucky enough to go on press trips with brands. This year has been a crazy year and I’ve had the most amazing opportunities, including the chance to travel!

In June I headed to Paris with SEAT and explored Paris followed by going to Lollapalooza festival. I met some amazing people, including the lovely Yadamas ….. who I clicked with automatically. He was the runner up in french idol and has THE most beautiful voice ever. You seriously need to check him out! A big highlight for me was seeing the 1975 perform (I later went on to see them at Leeds festival later in the summer which was even more epic) who have fast become one of my favourite bands this year. Everything they stand for is pretty amazing. I’ve also met their photographer Jordan Hughes a couple of times and his work is insane so yeah on a side note check him out too!

I also went back to Paris a couple of weeks after with @shelleyannem as it’s just the best city! Currently trying to plan in the next trip (Paris obsessed).


A dreammm trip with Vans and JD. These two brands have been absolutely amazing to me this year and I’ve loved working with them so much. Earlier in the year I went to the House of Vans event in Berlin which was pretty amazing (I also ended up sat next to Sam Fender on the flight which was pretty mental and we had a lovely chat, such a nice guy and insanely talented) and the Barcelona event was even more amazing. Skateboarding competitions, live music, skateboard making workshops and exploring Barcelona. A massive highlight of the summer. 


(*I’ve added this bit in after I got back from the trip, so currently writing this from my laptop in my London flat instead, definitely less jet set)

I recently got back from an amazing press to trip to Copenhagen with KMS hair. We got to explore the city and have our hair styled using the new ADD POWER range. There were so many lovely blogger babes on the trip too which made the trip even better! Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities and it was so lovely to get the chance to go back. The last time I was there was almost 2 years ago when I’d just started my blog, you can read about the trip here which has more details of good places to visit whilst you’re there!

Collaborative shoots-

As I get older I think I’m starting to recognise that I like to be in control of everything. I like to be able to say I’ve done everything myself and often don’t like accepting help. But the longer I’ve been in the content creation game the more I realised that actually when you work with other creatives, the content produced can be pretty amazing. So this summer I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing photographers that have a similar creative vision and I’ve been so happy with the results-

Photo’s above taken by @elenaimpi_photography

Photo’s above taken by @fordtography

Photos above taken by @_jmaroney_

I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with Puma a couple of times this summer on their festival and LFW campaigns which has been amazing!

*these images were part of a paid Instagram collaboration but are in no way related to this post.

Moving flats- 

Finallyyyy (almost forgot this one), but jake and I now have our own flat. Well we don’t own it (have you seen the price of London flats) but we’ve now moved into a 1 bedroom flat. We were previously renting with our two friends who have now had a beautiful baby boy, so a huge congrats to them!! But as they decided to move out of London we made the decision that it was the right time to try and find our own space. We’ve been there for about 3 months now and I’m currently in the process of trying to make it feel more homely. It’ll get there ☺️

And that’s all from me! Appreciate this was probably quite a lengthy post to read so congrats and a big thankyou if you made it this far. Now you’re all updated with what’s going on in my life I want to know what’s new with you? Let me know in the comments! And as usual if there’s anything you’d love to know or posts you’d like me to write about I’d love to know!

Until next time,


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  1. Hannah says:

    Aww loved reading this post! Your press trips and collabs look so amazing, and the new job/flat are so exciting! I love it when you have new adventures to look forward to. Looking forward to reading more on the blog 🙂
    Hannah (www.hannahshappyhour.com) xxx

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