November 17, 2019

Up until recently, I didn’t own a single M&S womenswear core item in my wardrobe. When I thought of M&S womenswear and the likes of Per Una I just thought of my mum shopping there when I was younger. I hadn’t really given a second thought to ever properly shopping there myself and had the preconceived idea that it wasn’t that fashionable and there wouldn’t be anything in the range which would be suited to my style. Safe to say I was wrong. M&S and my opinion of it has been truly revived. 

If you’ve read my post ‘Let’s catch up’ then you’ll know that I recently started working as a Buyer’s Admin Assistant on the Menswear Casual Shirts department at M&S. The menswear department are making really exciting changes to their range! Before I started my new role they’d just launched a pop up boutique in Soho called Mike and Tom’s with the purpose to showcase the new collections and try and challenge the traditional opinions that a younger target audience may have had of the company. Then more recently (you may have seen it on billboards, in newspapers etc) they’ve launched a new menswear casualwear campaign to champion their new message of Slimmer, Sharper and more Stylish. There’s so much exciting stuff going on within menswear but I wasn’t really aware with what changes were being made within their womenswear offer. 

Once I started my new role within the company I was naturally curious to check out the womenswear clothing offer available and I was pleasantly surprised. I found multiple items on the site that I loved! They’ve recently re-launched Per Una range for AW and there are so many great pieces in that range which can be worn whether you’re 20 or 60! There’s definitely something in there for everyone. 

One thing that’s becoming increasingly important to me is building a capsule wardrobe of quality timeless pieces that are great quality and will last. I’ve stopped buying items from online fast fashion brands using cheap materials, much preferring to spend a bit more on something which will last. That’s why I love the items in this blog post so much. Because you seriously can’t go wrong with a good quality white t-shirt and wide leg trousers right? Then I chose to invest in this cord blazer which I can imagine I’ll have for years to come! I sized up in both the t-shirt and blazer to give a more oversized effect. Finally, if you know me, you know I can’t resist a bucket hat and this leopard print number just pulled the outfit together for me. 

What do you think of how I’ve styled it all together?! 

I’d love to know if your opinion may have changed of M&S after reading this post and if you end up checking out the new in section let me know what you’re favourite pieces are. I’m currently eyeing up a few knitwear pieces that are part of their ‘go jumpers for Christmas’ collection so you’ll likely see another post on that soon!

Until next time, 

T-Shirt- £4.50

Blazer- £79.00

Trousers- £25.00

Hat- £19.50

All photos taken by @elenaimpi_photography


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