June 11, 2020

I’ve always found it hard to know how much to share online. It’s the constant toss-up between sharing more to connect with people vs staying private as a form of self-preservation. So I thought I’d write this post ‘Up close and personal’ to get out my thoughts on the topic. I can’t promise how coherent it’ll be and I’ve ended up re-editing this post a bit in light of recent events, but it feels good to be putting pen to paper (well electronically typing but you know what I mean). 

People often ask me ‘how to grow on Instagram’. I wrote a post on it a couple of years ago and the majority of it is still pretty relevant so you can read that here, but one of the more recent things I’ve realised is it’s really about connecting with your audience, which often means sharing more of your life with them. People are naturally nosey (I know I am) and will often follow/keep following content creators to get more of an insight into their lives etc. This is probably one of the reasons why my followers haven’t grown in a while as it’s something I don’t tend to do much of.

So some people might be already disagreeing with me at this point as lots of Instagrammer’s, let’s take fashion bloggers for example, tend to grow quite quickly by regularly posting their outfits and without sharing much of their personal lives. But I think my problem is whilst I’m predominately a fashion blogger, I don’t promote fast fashion brands as much anymore. I don’t receive weekly parcels from multiple brands with their new-in items that my followers can buy right then and there, I don’t post a regular stream of outfit links on my stories and I constantly re-wear and post items that are out of stock or from previous years or seasons. And I’m happy with the decision I made on that for the large part because I said about a year ago that I wanted to cut down on my fast fashion consumption and wanted to reduce my part in fuelling that industry and that’s what I’ve done. 

But I guess it’s just the question of why would you follow a fashion blogger who doesn’t regularly post outfits that you can buy then and there? For styling tips maybe? I’m not sure. So honestly if you’re reading this I would love to know why you currently follow me and what you enjoy about my page or maybe what first brought you to my page that I don’t do as much of anymore? Because the next logical thought is that it’s about more than just the outfits you post, it’s about who you are as a person and whether people can relate or even aspire to you in some form…and I guess it’s quite hard for people to do that if you don’t share much about your personal life on your feed. 

For now it’s about working out what works for me. How much of my personal life I want to share in order to connect with people, but then in the same breath how much I want to keep private and to myself. Because once you put something out on the internet it’s pretty much there for ever and I think there’s something about that that’s pretty scary for me. 

But I think what I’ve realised in the last couple of weeks is that even if I don’t want to share much of my personal life I do want to use my voice on my platform more. In the last week alone I had over 400 swipe up’s to petitions on my stories to support the Black Lives Matter movement and countless messages from people being able to really relate to the post I uploaded on body confidence. It’s honestly felt so good to know i’d made a positive difference and I’ve definitely felt a shift in the way I’ve started to use my Instagram account since. A full post on using social media platforms for positive change will be coming soon!

But to end this post I wanted to re-introduce myself with some facts!

So I’m Robyn! Poppy is my middle name, hence ‘Robyn Poppy’. I went to De Montfort university to study Fashion Buying with Marketing, after originally dropping out of the University of Sheffield studying Psychology. In my final year of my degree I chose to do my dissertation on ‘How to have a sustainable career in fashion blogging’ which led me to set up my blog/Instagram. It all went pretty well so I carried it on and we’re now here almost 3 years later! After I graduated I moved to London and did a brief stint at a high street head office (I won’t name the company) as a Buyer’s Admin Assistant which unfortunately put me off that career path for a while. I then worked at an influencer marketing agency for a year which was a great insight into the industry, but left to go back into buying as I was ready to give it another chance. So now I work at Marks and Spencer’s head office in the menswear casual shirts department as a Buyer’s Admin Assistant which I love. I’m also recently single so I’m moving out of my current flat into a flat share with a friend (fellow blogger @sadiebass ) and another girl who seems lovely, which I’m really excited about! 

Then for some more general facts- I love cats (my cat Maddie is an absolute babe), I have an amazing family who I love dearly and I have some pretty epic friends. I’ve always been pretty into music, indie bands are my favourite and I love going to gigs and festivals, plus I occasionally play the guitar and sing, although not particularly well. I’m a labour supporter, feminist and believe in all round equal opportunities for everyone (so if you’re ignorant and small minded this really isn’t the place for you). In terms of travelling, I’m a beach over pool person, I enjoy exploring new places and  definitely want to travel a lot more in the future! I’m definitely not a fitness fanatic but I used to love gymnastics, although it didn’t seem as much fun after I broke my back (clearly wasn’t too great at it ). I’d also say I’m quite low maintenance, I prefer not to wear that much make up, I’m allergic to fake tan and I go through a cycle of growing my hair and then cutting it short again every few years, having previously donated 10 inches of hair to The Little Princess trust. Personality wise I’m quite chilled out and relaxed, never the life and soul of the party but always up for the party, but I can’t dance at all which is probably why I haven’t gone TikTok viral yet ha. And then finally I love to write but I don’t do much of it anymore, so it’s been nice to get back to it with this post.

So that’s about it for now, did you learn anything new about me from this post and/or do you resonate with the topics discussed here? Let me know in the comments below! I’ve also included the links to some blog posts where I talk in more detail about some of the above topics!

Until next time, 

Robyn x

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4 responses to “UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL”

  1. Hannah Kay says:

    Robyn! I absolutely loved this post – I agree with everything you said there on sharing private things online makes it feel like your whole life is being shared. I’m right there with you! I love how open you’ve been and really appreciate it. Can’t wait to continue to get to know you & your blog. (love your Insta as always)

    Han xx

    • robyn says:

      Thankyou so much Han! It’s definitely a process of working out what I feel comfortable with, but it feels great to connect with people more xx

  2. New Media Works says:

    Why not just write about whatever interests you right now? Like travel (or whatever)?

  3. Holly White says:

    I love this Robyn – I love your account, whether it’s your editorial images or your day to day ones, I just love how real and true to yourself you are! I go through phases and worries where I feel like I should just keep myself out of it and only share fashion and pretty photos, but I love expressing myself online and found that other people like to see more than just an outfit too! I think I over the past 3 months I’ve really began to be myself more online again and it feels really good! xx

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