February 2, 2021

The recent news of Topshop being bought by online giant ASOS has taken me a bit of time to process. I think as the last year has been so up and down at first it just felt like another headline, but the more I process it, the sadder I feel. Because although it will still have an online presence, the stores are what made Topshop so great for me and working there in my teens had such a huge impact on me. Because in short-

I got my foot in the door of the fashion world working at Topshop. 

I developed my love for clothes and styling at Topshop.

I met friends for life whilst working at Topshop. 

I went through break ups whilst working at Topshop. 

I had the best nights out whilst working at Topshop. 

I had many a hungover 9am Saturday shifts whilst working at Topshop.

I wore many a questionable outfits whilst I was working at Topshop.

I went through both work related and personal struggles whist working at Topshop.

I grew up at Topshop.

Topshop was such a big part of growing up for me. It was the place my friends and I aspired to shop at. I remember being 13 and getting my first Topshop item and feeling SO amazing wearing it- it really signified the power that clothes could have for me. 

Then landing myself a job there at 16 was the biggest personal achievement. Because where else would be better for a teenage girl who loved clothes and was having fun figuring out her style to work? Literally no-where could compare. Plus 25% discount?! Yes, you can bet I spent ALL of my salary there.

I worked at Topshop on and off for about 4-5 years. Topshop was there for me when I went to uni (dropped out) and came back. It was even there when I tried out working at a different retailer and decided to come back (I remember literally bursting into tears to my old manager and her offering me my old job back on the spot). It felt like a constant in my life during that time, something familiar that would always be there.

I started off as a retail assistant and then worked through various other roles including being a Visual Merchandiser, an Admin assistant and an Admin Team leader. The amount of experience, both professional and personal I got from working there is hard to measure. Would I be where I am today without working for Topshop in my teens? I honestly don’t know. Because that’s where my passion for clothes and styling really developed. I owe it a lot. 

The highstreet is quickly changing, and that’s both exciting and terrifying. So who knows how Topshop will do going forward. But although it will carry on, it won’t be the same as it was. I’m certain on that.

Until next time,

R x


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